Breastfeeding & Co-Sleeping

Right from the start of of pregnancy I wanted to breastfeed if I could. Obviously fed is best, and formula is fine but let’s face it, I am lazy and getting up in the night to make bottles just ain’t my jam.

I thought breastfeeding my baby would be the easiest choice, and while in some ways it is, I didn’t realise how hard it would be too. After a 3 day labour Brodie wasnt feeding properly so having a midwife trying to hand express colostrum while I was falling asleep was pretty degrading. Not that I cared at the time! During our 24 hour stay at hospital though Brodie did end up feeding fine thank god, cause hand expressing made me feel like a dairy cow (poor cows).

My milk came in around day 3, and Brodie was pretty much attached to my boob all night. I was hardly sleeping, my nipples were blistering and everytime I put him down in his next to me he cried!

This led to us feeding laying down, I could get some rest and Brodie would fall asleep and stay asleep. This then led to co sleeping as it just made everyone’s lives much easier. I never thought I would have my baby in bed with me due to the dangers, but I think you just do what you feel is right for you in the early days.

I wish I had persevered more getting him back into his own bed though, as at just over 7 months old he takes up SO MUCH SPACE, and wants to feed a lot through the night when he should be sleeping through by now. But then again saying that I do love the cuddles.

When I decided to breastfeed I knew it wouldn’t click straight away, but I didn’t realise how painful and exhausting it would be either. So many times I wanted to stop and would absolutely dread feeding Brodie, but it did get better and one day I realised that it didn’t even hurt anymore!

Apart from the pain and the constant feeding the other issue I had was how much milk I would leak. It would soak through breast pads so quickly I’d be changing my tops 3 or 4 times a day. I think this really affected my mental health, I hated going out because I was so conscious that my boobs were just dripping milk. Also the let down on the other side while feeding was insane, I used to sit with a towel on that side to stop it leaking through pads. This is until I remembered I had bought a Naturebond silicone pump.


Naturebond literally changed our breastfeeding journey. The silicone pump catches let down on the other side while feeding, meaning I’ve been able to freeze milk without using an actual pump. I’ve even used it to clear blocked ducts. When Naturebond announced they were bringing out a 3rd generation pump I had to get that too. They also kindly gifted me some disbosable and reusable breastpads which are amazing. I’ve not leaked through them once, and have bought more since.


If you’re breastfeeding or know someone is I really recommend these pumps and pads, they really make life so much easier! I will link each product at the bottom.

7 months in and we are still going strong. I’ve had blocked ducts, milk blisters, bruised boobs and now bitten nipples 😂 but I’m so glad we persevered. Its been hard but so rewarding, now it’s just second nature to both of us!


I did nearly quit so many times, but was told to never stop on a bad day, this was probably one of the best bits of advice I was given. But if you do try and it’s not for you, or you / baby can’t feed for any reason, just remember fed is best, and if mama is happy, baby will be happy.

Reusable Bamboo Cotton Nursing Pads:
Milk Saver Silicone Pump:
Disposable Nursing Pads:


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