bakerdays letterbox cake

This year was Phil’s first ever fathers day, so when bakerdays offered to send out a personalised cake for him I jumped at the chance!

I hadn’t heard of the company before, but when looking on the website I realised I had been missing out. Not only can you choose from several different sponge types, but you can personalise the cakes too. They have designs for almost any occasion you can think of… Who wouldn’t want cake all year round?

The ordering process was super easy ( and the cake arrived so well packaged that even though it went through the letter box it was completely intact and still looked great. The tin the cake came in is really pretty aswell as practical.

I chose a chocolate sponge cake for Phil as its his fave, and uploaded a picture of him and Brodie and chose ‘happy father’s day’ to be written on the top. The end result was great! Phil said the cake was really tasty and moist, and loved the design. To see other designs avaliable click here.

I’ll pretty much be sending a letterbox cake from bakerdays to everyone now, so look out Royal Mail!

Thanks again bakerdays for helping make Phil’s first father’s day so great.


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