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Sunday Lunch at Cringletie House Hotel

Cringletie house hotel is a Scottish Baronial mansion just outside Peebles in the Scottish Borders. Our visit was on cold November afternoon with mist rising up over the fields and rolling through the nearby mountainside. This really accentuated the warm welcoming feel of the hotel. As you traverse the woodland enclosed road across a small... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Autumnal Outfit

The last couple of months I have been looking for the perfect outfit for autumn, and I think I've finally nailed it! Not only is this super warm, its also perfect for last minute plans where you want to look a little nicer. My camel coat was from Missy Empire a few years ago, for... Continue Reading →

Baby proofing!

I've meant to finish writing this post for months, but apparently when your baby is on the move it's more or less impossible to finish anything!! When your child starts showing signs that they're about to start moving around, the first thing out of people's mouth is 'better start baby proofing!' Brodie started crawling at... Continue Reading →

bakerdays letterbox cake

This year was Phil's first ever fathers day, so when bakerdays offered to send out a personalised cake for him I jumped at the chance! I hadn't heard of the company before, but when looking on the website I realised I had been missing out. Not only can you choose from several different sponge types,... Continue Reading →

Dressing room Revamp!

When we decorated our bedroom we also just gave the "dressing room" a lick of white paint to freshen it up a bit. This room is a glorified cupboard with a window tacked onto the side of our bedroom, and has barely enough room to swing a cat. However, it's an ideal spot for getting... Continue Reading →

Our little Wedding

As someone who hates being centre of attention I never imagined having a huge wedding, but I also never imagined getting married with no family or friends around us, but do you know what? It was perfect! Phil and I decided a couple months before Brodie was due that it would be nice to be... Continue Reading →

How To Make A Rented House A Home

Putting your own stamp on someone else's house is always tricky, as you're stuck between not wanting to spend money on something that isn't yours and wanting a nice place to live. Since I was 21 I've always rented (except for a year when I owned down south). The first place I had was a... Continue Reading →

Breastfeeding & Co-Sleeping

Right from the start of of pregnancy I wanted to breastfeed if I could. Obviously fed is best, and formula is fine but let's face it, I am lazy and getting up in the night to make bottles just ain't my jam. I thought breastfeeding my baby would be the easiest choice, and while in... Continue Reading →

Who am I?

The past year or so I seem to have lost myself. From being pregnant and not looking like myself, to becoming a mum and not getting a chance to be myself. Skinny jeans have been replaced with leggings, eyeliner has been replaced with eye bags. I've swapped a blunt Fringe for a mum bun and... Continue Reading →

Brodie’s Birth

At about 12 weeks pregnant we started watching one born every minute on 4oD. After watching people labouring with midwives dashing in and out of the room and hearing people screaming I quickly decided I did not want to give birth in hospital!!  After researching my options, I said I wanted to have a home... Continue Reading →

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