Dressing room Revamp!

When we decorated our bedroom we also just gave the “dressing room” a lick of white paint to freshen it up a bit. This room is a glorified cupboard with a window tacked onto the side of our bedroom, and has barely enough room to swing a cat. However, it’s an ideal spot for getting ready in the mornings, or also to work from home.

Unfortunately the walls are super thin so putting shelves up for storage wasn’t really an option, and cause its so small storage furniture also would have just looked out of place. This led to the room being more or less a dumping ground and a complete eyesore as opposed to a relaxing space to have a bit of “me time”.

We were really lucky to be gifted a wall mural of our choice by Murals Wallpaper, it was really hard to choose as they have some beautiful designs, I would have every wall in my house muraled if I could!

The mural arrived within a couple of days of requesting my design, in a lovely tube box. The instructions were printed on an extention of the roll and really clear and easy to follow. Each mural is measured and printed for you personally so the drops were all accurately marked for where to cut making it really easy to line the print up. This made it far less complicated than I was anticipating.

However although the paper was great quality and the instructions and preparation really helpful, I did find it a bit of a struggle, more so than the below video shows!

Once up there were a few bubbles that I was a bit worried about but they dried out fine, personally I think I did a fairly good job considering it was my first go! However going forwards wallpapering will continue to be my husbands job!!

We got a paint from B&Q that we thought would compliment the mural, this one is called Kilkenny. No offence to Phil’s brother who is called Kenny 👀.

The majority of accessories in here we already had in the house, they just have a new home now! The lovely prints are from Desenio which were also gifted to us along with some others.

Overall I absolutely love the end result of this room, I think the mural really sets it off. I have included the links to our mural below…

Click here to see the range of Forest Murals avaliable in the UK

Click here for Forest Murals avaliable Globally


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