Breastfeeding & Co-Sleeping

Right from the start of of pregnancy I wanted to breastfeed if I could. Obviously fed is best, and formula is fine but let's face it, I am lazy and getting up in the night to make bottles just ain't my jam. I thought breastfeeding my baby would be the easiest choice, and while in... Continue Reading →

Who am I?

The past year or so I seem to have lost myself. From being pregnant and not looking like myself, to becoming a mum and not getting a chance to be myself. Skinny jeans have been replaced with leggings, eyeliner has been replaced with eye bags. I've swapped a blunt Fringe for a mum bun and... Continue Reading →

Brodie’s Birth

At about 12 weeks pregnant we started watching one born every minute on 4oD. After watching people labouring with midwives dashing in and out of the room and hearing people screaming I quickly decided I did not want to give birth in hospital!!  After researching my options, I said I wanted to have a home... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy is NOT for me

After years of thinking it would never happen, when we found out we were having a baby I already couldn’t wait to experience all the good things you hear about pregnancy. Radiant skin, long, thick, shiny hair, nesting, loving my bump etc. NOPE. This never happened to me. I never got “the glow”. In fact... Continue Reading →

How I got here…

I’ve debated for a while putting my story/journey out there. I’ve wondered if people would even bother reading it, but I’ve seen a few posts lately where people are going through similar things and thought ‘fuck it’, you never know; my poorly worded rambles might actually help someone! You’d better get comfy, cause it’s gonna... Continue Reading →

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