Our little Wedding

As someone who hates being centre of attention I never imagined having a huge wedding, but I also never imagined getting married with no family or friends around us, but do you know what? It was perfect!

Phil and I decided a couple months before Brodie was due that it would be nice to be married for when he arrives, so we all shared the same name right from the off, and to make us an official little family.

Phil proposed to me one evening after I’d just had a nice bubble bath, I came into the front room to the below picture and had to choose which Pokeball to open! Obviously I chose the correct one straight away.

The ring was beautiful and even fitted on my swollen fingers!

With not alot of money coming in, an expensive wedding was off the cards straight away. And me feeling really unhappy with my pregnant body, a wedding dress also wasn’t even a consideration. As my parents live abroad and run a holiday home, getting them both over to Scotland in peak season was also a no go, and we didn’t want to not have my parents there if Phils were.

So we decided to get married at the town house and chose the 30th July, a month before Brodie was due. We also had them provide us witnesses. We chose vows that we could relate to, and a reading that fitted us. I wore a navy lace dress from Jojo Maman Bebe and Phil wore a shirt and tie. When we got home we ordered pizza, and watched films. This may not sound like the ideal wedding, but to us it was just what we wanted!

I’m so glad we didn’t have months of planning and all the stress and financial troubles that come with it, as at the end of the day getting married is about you as a couple, not trying to please everyone else. Not to say this is wrong, each to their own!

We still plan on having a wedding celebration at some point with all our family and friends, when we can afford to and when Brodie is old enough to also enjoy himself. I’d love to have a ‘wedding festival’ in some pretty woodland, with fairy lights, candy floss, lanterns and a band, with all our family and friends, but not sure when I think I’m going to win the lottery!!

I also think we need a honeymoon, but again when the time is right… Hint hint Mr Gozz 😉


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