Baby proofing!

I’ve meant to finish writing this post for months, but apparently when your baby is on the move it’s more or less impossible to finish anything!!

When your child starts showing signs that they’re about to start moving around, the first thing out of people’s mouth is ‘better start baby proofing!’

Brodie started crawling at around 7 months old, and he went from sitting quite happily playing to being into EVERYTHING. To start with we didn’t quite know what to get to baby proof our house, but with the help of a baby proofing blogpost by Stickmans, we eventually got there!

I’ve put together a few tips below of things we found invaluable over the last few months, hopefully it helps!

1) Firstly, if you have stairs, GET STAIRGATES! I see so many people online who don’t have gates on their stairs and it absolutely terrifies me. Brodie can go up stairs completely fine and has never slipped, but you can’t be too careful, it’s just not worth the risk. We also have a gate on our kitchen, mainly due to it being tiled floor, we didn’t want Brodie to lose his balance and bang his head. Now the gate is stopping him drinking out of the dog water bowl while we aren’t looking!!

2) Cupboard locks. We have a couple of different types of locks, but the only ones that don’t drive me absolutely insane are the magnetic ones from Stickmans. They’re so easy to fit, and they don’t require any screws, which is perfect for those of us who rent. We have each of our lower kitchen cupboards secured with these, and they’ve held up well against a determined baby. Do be aware though, they are also Granny proof 🤭

3) Some sort of baby jail. We originally bought a second hand travel cot to put in the kitchen so Brodie could play safety while I cooked, but once he started crawling he needed more room. We bought a tikk tokk playpen and some foam matting and had that in the kitchen till just this weekend, which gave him somewhere safe to create havoc!

4) Foam door stops are a must have for when your baby starts being obsessed with slamming doors!

5) Toilet lid lock! Brodie’s become fascinated by the toilet lately, and we’ve already lost one toothbrush down it, luckily he had two! We don’t have a lock yet but it’s definitely on our list.

Have a look at this blog post from Stickmans for more ideas!


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