bakerdays letterbox cake

This year was Phil's first ever fathers day, so when bakerdays offered to send out a personalised cake for him I jumped at the chance! I hadn't heard of the company before, but when looking on the website I realised I had been missing out. Not only can you choose from several different sponge types,... Continue Reading →

Our little Wedding

As someone who hates being centre of attention I never imagined having a huge wedding, but I also never imagined getting married with no family or friends around us, but do you know what? It was perfect! Phil and I decided a couple months before Brodie was due that it would be nice to be... Continue Reading →

How To Make A Rented House A Home

Putting your own stamp on someone else's house is always tricky, as you're stuck between not wanting to spend money on something that isn't yours and wanting a nice place to live. Since I was 21 I've always rented (except for a year when I owned down south). The first place I had was a... Continue Reading →

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